1. Carsten

    Danke für die Scripte, hat fast alles auf Anhieb funktioniert. Ich musste nur die policy.xml in /etc/ImageMagick-6 anpassen, damit die pdf-Generierung klappt. Habt dazu einfach auskommentiert.

    VG Carsten

  2. Peter

    Hi Sebastian, great BLOG (and the only one I found!)
    Wit Corona lock-down, I had time to experiment with my OpenSuSE Tumbleweed:

    Brother published new tools for MFC scanners in early 2020. A lot has changed: brscan-skey invokes a binary „brscan-skey-exe“ that keeps looking for data from the scanner buttons. It then starts the corresponding script, which in turn runs the new binary „skey-scanimage.“ (Previously, SANE’s „scanimage“ was used.) However, skey-scanimage produces only empty files on my linux Tumbleweed, and since there is no documentation or other „–help“, I needed to revert to editing the scripts back to „scanimage.“ Point is, that scanimage’s options are fewer, and the output must be directed with “ > outputfile“.

  3. Wade

    Hello Sebastian
    I like some of your scripts. Yes Brother’s scripts have a lot to be desired. I’ve also been modifying them on my end to provide the type of files I need.
    Did you ever get past the „Document feeder out of documents“ on the flatbed.
    I had purchased and returned the flatbed HL-L2395DW and then picked up an ADF MFC-L2750DW. To my surprise the ADF scanner/printer had the same script for the flatbed and wouldn’t work with the ADF. I found a script almost perfect on the internet using scanadf and it worked fine (then later I found that Brother wrote it and had it down deep in the support area). This fixes the ADF but doesn’t fix the flatbed. Scan button starts scan of first page, then shows Continue and Finish. Pressing Continue does nothing and fails.
    I have 15 cases with Brother and little by little I’m getting somewhere. I have told them that I spec’ed out their scanner and that there was nothing saying that linux users couldn’t use it. I’ve been pushing for a fix and have been told that the flatbed issue has been sent via Brother case to their Linux engineers in Japan. I’ve also spoken with the Brother Support supervisor and have sent a letter (certified) to the Executive Liaison manager at Brother USA headquarters explaining everything about the problem with the flatbed scanner issue and Brother’s support (in the US anyhow) of differing support for Windows/Apple users and linux users, i.e. no phone or email support for linux users – only cases (hence 15 cases). My take is that I am supporting users and that the scan to file/image/ocr is critical.
    I believe the biggest problem I’ve/we’ve got thus far is that brscan-skey is largely undocumented (compiled binary – no source code) and because of that we don’t have much available. For example, what is the Continue button waiting on waiting on. I’m thinking perhaps if the script passes the right variable, then scanimage should continue running until the Finish button is pressed.
    I like the Brother line of printers — they just have to get the brscan-skey issues resolved or allow us to at least understand what it does so we can find a fix. I’ve told Brother I don’t mind helping as I want me printer/scanner to operate properly.
    Please let me know if you’ve found anything on your end.
    Thank You

  4. Biggaeh

    Hallo Sebastian,
    nachdem ich die mitgelieferten Skripte schon selber ein bisschen verbessert hatte, haben mir Deine Skripte zum Durchbruch verholfen. Besten Dank dafür. Einen kleinen Verbesserungsvorschlag habe ich noch: das convert für die PDF-Erzeugung rufe ich mit der Option „-compress jpeg“ auf. Das reduziert z.B. eine 3-Seiten-Datei von 95MB auf 2MB.
    VIele Grüße, Biggaeh

  5. Hallo! Ich habe deinen Blog gerade erst entdeckt! Schade, eigentlich, er hätte mir glaube ich schon eher behilflich sein können^^ …auf jedenfall werde ich wohl nun häufiger mal vorbei schauen^^…Danke für deine Erklärungen und viele Grüße aus schenna südtirol ! Maren

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